Our story


It can be disheartening for people to learn English, to comprehend the complexities of grammar and structure, and to remember hundreds of new words. No matter how long we have studied, without the chance to use English in daily life, we will either forget what we have learnt or not have the confidence to communicate it effectively.

When thinking about how we acquired our native language, we were simply mimicking what we heard around us. We could all speak before going to school, without the worry of grammar and structure, because we were naturally immersed in our language.

Prampredee Village believe that best way to develop English is to be immersed in an English environment. However rather than classrooms, we are creating a village where local students and international volunteers to come together and participate in a range of fun activities while immersing themselves in the English language

Most importantly, as well as aiming to improve English, Prampredee Village hopes to simultaneously raise environmental awareness by choosing fun activities that are sympathetic with nature, develop our minds, and facilitate interaction with the local communities, all the while speaking English.

For example, some typical activities are:
Art and craft work using natural and recycled materials.
Traditional cooking with our homegrown vegetables.
Baking and making delicious puddings.
Helping the local community.
Planting trees to preserve local forests.
Yoga and much more...

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